"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them." Albert Einstein 

In other words, we need to bring in new information and new experiences to solve our issues, whether they be practical or of the heart

Have you ever wondered. . .

When am I going to get past this?
When I get the kind of help that addresses my trauma.

I may not know why I can't....

  • write my book or get back to playing music
  • calm myself and feel in control
  • have a loving and fulfilling relationship
  • heal from unexplained pain
  • stay clean and sober

The answer is trauma. 

People with trauma have an extra layer of difficulty that others do not.  Do you have difficulty with anxiety and overreacting to situations; procrastination and lack of energy; substance or behavioral addictions; a sense of defeatism or physical symptoms that mystify your doctors?  Did you know that trauma "lives" in the right side of your brain which has no sense of time?  Therefore you may be find yourself repeating self-sabotage day after day because in your right brain it is still happening even if it started 20 years ago.

You need tools that will free the trauma from the timeless right brain and connect it with present day reality.  You need the skills to connect with your body and mind so you can release trauma as soon as it happens.

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